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Buy Comodo Digital Security Certificates at the lowest prices anywhere on the internet. SSL/TLS Certificates, Code Signing Certificates, Personal Authentication Certificates-we’ve got it all at the guaranteed lowest price.

SSL Encryption is Now Mandatory
We live in an era where websites need SSL encryption. Not just big, commercial websites. Every website. Every blog. Everything. They all need an SSL certificate. It’s required by browsers. Encryption is what secures and protects information in transit as it’s being sent between a visitor’s browser and the website they’re visiting. An SSL or TLS certificate is what facilitates the HTTPS encryption protocol (can also authenticate your business’ identity). Without one, all the communication to and from your website is insecure-susceptible to eavesdropping, content injection, data manipulation and browser warnings.

By installing a trusted SSL certificate, you can migrate your entire website to become HTTPS compliant. When you do this, all your URLs will start with https://. HTTPS is the secure version of the outdated HTTP protocol the internet was built on. When a browser makes a connection with an HTTPS enabled web page, it knows to make that a secure connection, it’s called the “SSL handshake.”

Browsers are pushing hard for HTTPS
That’s why encryption is now a mandatory standard-the penalties for not having SSL/TLS installed are severe. Any website that doesn’t have HTTPS will be given a “Not Secure” label next to the URL in browsers’ address bars, and eventually those sites will receive an interstitial warning that interrupts the user experience.

There are plenty of other good reasons to encrypt besides compliancy, SSL:

Protects data in transit
Authenticates your web server
Browsers will label your site “Secure”
Provides verified proof of identity (with OV/EV SSL)
Gives an SEO rankings boost
Access to advanced browser features
The new HTTP/2 faster protocol requires HTTPS
Protects ad revenues
Can protects users from phishing (with EV SSL)
Assures safety & security
Instills trust & confidence
Provides an uplift in conversions
Why choose Comodo SSL certificates to secure your website?
Comodo is the #1 certificate authority in the world. Comodo is associated with strong internet security on many fronts and is the world’s largest Certificate Authority. Associating your brand with Comodo’s helps build an impression of safety and strength for your own brand. Beyond that, Comodo offers additional cutting-edge security products. All of Comodo’s SSL certificates support the latest, strongest ciphers and algorithms including SHA-256 and Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Comodo SSL certificates come standard with 256-bit symmetric encryption strength and a 2048-bit RSA signature key. These digital certificates are recognized by 99.9% of all web and mobile browsers and come backed by some of the most generous warranties in the industry. Comodo is a world-class Certificate Authority with a long history innovation within the Certificate Authority space. They actually invented the CA/B Forum-the governing body for all Certificate Authorities and Browsers with regard to SSL.

Comodo SSL Certificates-covering a whole range of needs
Comodo offers a full-range of products lines to meet every need at every price point. From entry-level products to fully-scaled enterprise security solutions, Comodo has the right digital certificates for any situation. Comodo’s offerings are broken down into five product lines:

Positive SSL – Entry-level and basic line that features a full range of popular solutions at very low-price points.
Shop Positive SSL products
Essential SSL – Features all the essentials for a business trying to encrypt online, including 256-bit encryption, a Comodo-branded site seal and a generous warranty package.
Shop Essential SSL products
Instant SSL – Comodo’s Organization Validation line of SSL certificates offers instant assurance in the form of business-class authentication and sports nice warranties.
Shop Instant SSL products
Comodo SSL – Comodo’s eponymous line features a range of Comodo-branded SSL certificates at every validation level and every functionality. The most versatile lineup.
Shop Comodo SSL products
Enterprise SSL – Comodo’s Enterprise line features a range of highly-scalable security solutions for clients with large, complicated web infrastructures and carries the largest warranties in the game.
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We carry every SSL certificate type
We sell every type of Comodo SSL certificate to protect your website and keep confidential data safe and secure. Shop by SSL certificate type to find the right one that suits your needs:

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificates
The cheapest, fastest and most common way to secure a website with basic, entry-level encryption because all you have to do is verify domain ownership/control. Anyone can do it.
Shop DV
Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates
It’s higher-assurance industry-standard encryption that requires some light business authentication to verify your entity’s identity that also ensures corporate control over proper issuance authorization.
Shop OV
Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates
Premium encryption & identify solution featuring the highest warranties, dynamic site seals and displays your verified company name next to the URL in browsers’ address bars to showcase identity and assurance.
Shop EV
Wildcard SSL Certificates
Cost-effective way to secure a single domain and an unlimited number of accompanying sub-domains with just one certificate on the same server and IP address.
Shop Wildcard
Single Domain Certificates
Shop for certificates that can secure a single domain with industry-standard encryption.
Shop Single Domain
Multi-Domain SSL Certificates
Streamline management by securing up to 250 different domains with a single SSL certificate.
Shop Multi-Domain
Unified Communication Certificates
SSL certificates created specifically for Microsoft Exchange and Office Communications infrastructures. They’re also known as UCC.
Shop UCC
Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates
Streamline management and cost-effectively secure up to 250 domains and unlimited sub-domains with just one certificate.
Shop Multi-Domain Wildcard

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